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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  June 1, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. when it comes to a quitting smoking who is better men or women. the study finds the answer is neither. researchers looked at more than 100,000 smokers in the u.s., britain and canada and found women under the age of 50 were more likely to give up smoking than men. however, men over 60 were most likely to kick the habit over women. a contest men win hands down. guys this is not something to brag about. a study shows men are dirtier office desks than went. researchers checked the surface of mense and women's desk in
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new york san francisco and tucson and they found 10 to 20% more bacteria in man's office than women's. new york city offices had bacteria -- had more bacteria than those in san francisco. there are quite a few events happening this weekend to tell you about. here are a few. city wide stop the violence campaign is happening tomorrow in baltimore clawing parade and that -- including a parade starting at drew it's hill park. basketball games as well. the annual zuma annapolis half marathon and 10k happening tomorrow. if you are not familiar with zuma it inspires women to live healthy lifestyles. a health and fitness expo will be at the finish line so you can check that out and a community open house at the new med star health center on york road near baltimore county health department. that runs from 10 until 2. there's a whole lot happening and face painting for kids.
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we are told that he going to be health screenings and snacks and face painting for kids at the clinic opened on wednesday. time for a look at news around the nation. an investigative committee in syria is blaming the massacre onrebel fighters. a investigation found security force has nothing to do with the killings and that it is calling for a africa terrorism of the more than 100 people nearly halfwere killed during a coordinated attack at checkpoints. the united states and other countries exspelled the syrian diplomats to protest the killings. [ music ] ♪ >> group of volunteers who scaled the him layan peek. they him layan peek.
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they -- him layan peek. they helped to build a orphanage. as britain celebrates the -- prince charles is sharing home movies. a document will air tonight including shots of a 9-year-old charles and his younger sister princess ann buried up to their necks in sand. on sunday a boat packagant tuesday with a -- pagent and tuesday with a service to the queen mashing the 60th year of her reign in britain. now "good morning maryland." >> reporter: it's story making national headlines a case of cannibalism in harford county. reaction from local authorities coming up. an undercover sting operation targets a planned parenthood clinic.
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what the video shows and why he is released. >> and -- why it's released. >> we have tips and tricks to beat the heat bugs and pool time as close as your smart phone. details on that ahead on this friday morning. good morning i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's go over to lynnette charles. >> i am thinking by dinner time weather will be the headline with showers and thunderstorms and some could be on the severe side. for this morning, you are stepping out the door not dealing with any of that. a lot of us are dry. but if you are going into virginia then that is where you will be dealing with wet weather and it's not stormy yet. just wet showers moving in across the area along i-95 now. that's where you will be dealing with it around fredericksburg and port royal dealing with heavier rain. i will call it moderate. bowling green more of the same. and this is heading towards colonial beach. now, we look at temperatures this morning. we are quite warm especially in edgemere at 70 degrees. we will begin to get more humid
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as the warm, moist air from the gulf of mexico does its things. 62 in northville and westminster at 62. also dealing with patchy fog this morning. along the eastern shore, just like we have been the past couple days. we have about 5 miles of reduced visibility there. and salisbury at one. this looks better. we will talk about more stormy weather coming up. and what the weekend hold for us as well. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you are using the jfx to get into the city, no delays to talk about. traveling southbound from the beltway all the way to downtown baltimore, you are looking at an 11-minute ride. all is clear through the fod ha if you are heading to 695, no concerns on the top side as we check in and look live here in towson at dulaney valley road. not too much activity. it will be an easy ride towards 83. as far as west side is
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concerned, at liberty road, no problems to talk about. only an 11-minute ride on the outer loop from 795 towards 95. that's the look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. >> thanks. a few things happening today. world's first passenger flight with a boeing 747 will defarther from frankfurt and arrive at washington dulles scheduled for 12:45 this afternoon. a press conference follows that arrival will be one hour later. things are cooling down for frederick county and beginning today the annual burn ban goes into effect. from now until august 31st no open burning permits can be issued or used. violations can bring fines up to $500. campfires and grills are not included in the ban. former all star wide receiver and ed mccaffrey andredskins coach will hold a campus focusing on individuals with down syndrome between 10 and 35. it's two minutes after 5.
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it's a crime so revolting we want to warn you right off the bat. the details are disturbing to hear. >> harford county police say this is the most bizarre and grizzly thing they have seen. a suspect in custody makes a confession about what he did to his victim and sherie johnson is live with details. >> reporter: we are live at the harford county sheriff department and we will check in throughout the morning trying to find out new information. but for right now this morning, 21-year-old alexander kin youa is locked up charged with first- degree murder in the death of 37-year-old kujoe agea cody. he is here visiting -- he was here visiting from ghana on a student visa. and authorities say he was last seen on friday morning heading out for a job. about 5:30 that morning. he was later reported missing. now authorities say the suspect told detectives that he killed agyei-kodie and ate his heart and portions of his brain. body parts were found in the
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home and a nearby demp -- dumpster. kinyua's family called when they noticed body parts. >> he stated he consumed mr. kodie's internal organs his heart and portions of his brain. the suspect then led detectives to a dumpster at 536 trim balance road in joppa where they recovered what remained of mr. kodie's body. >> reporter: authorities will not say whether or not drugs played a role in this crime. and they are trying to figure out the suspect's mental state. reporting live in bel air, sherrie johnson. state police say they have charged a man with videotapingseveral young boys inside one of the rest rooms at maryland house and chesapeake house and rest stops along 95. police found 13 videos of boys use the rest room on the suspect's cell phone. they id two of the boys and are working to identify more
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strngten the -- strengthening the case of brian williams. used his cell phone to take videos and a witness saw and called police. >> there's a certain level of trust and security you expect when your crield goes. >> the bathroom they will come out safe and unharold and unvideo tad. >> police -- videotaped. >> if you were at the chesapeake house on monday may 6th especially if you are traveling with young boys. brian william has been released on bail. and a similar incident lead to the arrest a baltimore city man. this guy has been arrested because police say he used his cell phone to take a photograph of a 15-year-old girl in an inner harbor bathroom in april. police used video to help identify knight. they say the video showed him going into a restaurant at the pavilion before the girls and then leaving right after she left the rest room. if you live in harford county, deputies are asking you to keep your eye out for
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suspicious look ice cream truck. a girl says she was at the at the park earlier this week what man in a ice cream truck tried to lure her and a friend inside. she says she told -- the man told them he would give them free ice cream. the girl's father said that truck only what few stickers. it was not playing music and didn't look like it was cut out for buying ice cream. an undercover camera at a planned parenthood clinic had people in hot water this morning. >> [audio not understandable] >> the employee was caught saying and why it sparked a push for a new law. >> and hurricane season has officially begun and a breakdown of what's ahead with lynette charles. >> all right. and maryland's most powerful radar for the most part is quiet, but it's going to get ramped up going into the afternoon. i will have details of the stormy weather coming up. >> reporter: no delays here on the southwest corner of the beltway at route 295. i will show you what 83 looks like in my abc2 timesaver
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maryland." today is june 1st. that means hurricane sea it feels like it could have started a few weeks ago. we had hurricane bud which stormed pat civic coast and then -- stormed the pacific coast and tropical storm beryl. head to our website for look at how to prepare for a hurricane before watches and warnings go out. and tune in at 6:00 this morning for a live interview with the member of the red cross on hurricane kits. let's talk about what's going on with our weather. as we look across the nation, we are looking at stormy pattern. we see showers and storms popping up across the dakotas and also this will begin to push even further to the east. but we are looking at a big cluster of showers and storms now that are making their way into our area. and that will continue as we go into the afternoon. so we can zoom in little closer because there's the batch of
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rain and also thunderstorms. this will begin to make its push going more into the afternoon i am thinking around 2 this afternoon. but, look at this right here. this will start to move by daybreak a few showers in order. bring the rain gear with you as you step out the door. let's check the amount bc2 time save her traffic with lauren but have there been accidents that popped up. >> reporter: no accidents and your traffic and morning commute is going to be lot clearer than the forecast. using the jfx to get into the city an 11 minute ride from the beltway to downtown to east fayette street and tunnels will remain clear. no problems to report whatsoever. out on the beltway, no concerns as you make the drive from parkville you will up towards towson and the west side at old court road, everything is up to speed. an 11-minute ride from 795 to 95. that's a look at your a ba. c2 time -- abc2 timesaver traffic.
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the victim in a death that appears to be a domestic disputekilled from the past weekend is remembered. >> how family and friends remember dario augustus. >> and can you spell say that word megan. >> guetapens. >> it's french and we will beright back. let's take a paint project from
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now "good morning maryland." welcome back. today the activist group breast feeding mothers unite will rally against harassment of breast feeding moms. it will be held in dc called the million moms march. the journal of pediatrics in a study released earlier this week suggest breast fed babies aresmarter than formula fed counterparts. law make rears jected an anti-abortion law to ban abortions based on the sex of the child. >> but a caught on tape gotch you moment staged by an anti- abortion activist -- moment staged by an anti-abortion activist was caught. >> reporter: it was shot inside a texas planned parenthood clinic an anti-abortion actor
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is pretending to want an abortion if she is having a girl. a staffer helps to give detailed advice on how to find out the baby's gender. in another video from new york is the yea social worker doesn't encourage aborting a female fetus but doesn't condemn it either. the undercover videos were released this week as law makers debated new anti- abortion legislation that would ban abortions based on the sex of the baby. under the legislation, doctors who knowingly performed abortion chosen because of gender could face up to five years in prison and fines. >> today the three most dangerous words in china and india are it's a girl. we can't let that happen here. >> reporter: now this is our hot topic. do you think banning abortions based on the bab yea sex is okay. leave a comment on the facebook fan page. the measure failed to pass in the house of representatives. 246 house members voted for it and 168 voted against. opponents argued that it's an ongoing assault on legalized
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abortions. linda so, abc2 news. news time is 5:16. it's supposed to be a nice day tomorrow so head down to annapolis for the zuma half marathon and 10k race that begins at the naval marine corps memorial stadium and tour through annapolis before ending where it started. it's a racing movement aimed at inspiring women to live more healthy lifestyles. it's scheduled to begin at 7 in the morning and finish around 10:30. there's time to sign up. head to zuma tomorrow the susan g. komen global race for the cure will begin starting in washington, d.c. at the washington monument so keep that in mind and on your calendars. >> lauren joins us and weather could be a factor. >> reporter: we are dealing with fog on the eastern shore. so expect reduced visibility. 95 nice and clear out in harford county and it will be a easy ride into the white marsh
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area. no problems as you head into the city from that point on. if you are using the jfx to get into the city. no delays to talk about. here's a live look further north at that point as we check in and look live at shawan road. everything up to speed. not too many cars out there. it will be an easy ride making the drive down towards the beltway. here's west side at liberty road, only the 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 toward 95. a little more volume than earlier times but no delays to tell you about in the area and the south side of 95 had be clear as we travel up towards the fort mchenry tunnel. that's the a become c2 time savor traffic now here's lynette charles with a look at the forecast. can you keep the rain away from the eastern shore tomorrow my best friend is getting paried. >> but for today we will be dealing with story -- consider -- stormy weather. i heard you say patchy fog and we have reduced visibility along the eastern shore only about 4 miles there. one in salisbury and if you are
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making are way to the beach this morning, it's going to be a little foggy. i will show you that forecast a little later. but let's talk about what's going on on the satellite and radar. we have lots of clouds and from the cloud we are starting to see the rain falling especially in virginia this morning. this is pushing off towards the north and east. so by daybreak we can be seeing the wet weather. just a few showers. what will really -- what we are watching is the wet weather back off towards the west because we will see thunderstorms moving in here into the afternoon. some could be on the gusty side. right now, temperatures are at 64 in baltimore. ocean city's temperature is at 65. points south the upper 60s there. and we will get the warm air mass moving in here and this is the severe setup as it goes into motion. so we have some warm air that's going to be pushing in and humid air pushing in. the trigger that cold front that's going to slide through the area. so what we have is the potential for gusty winds and hail and lightning and also
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maybe an isolated tornado. definitely going keep you update on the situation because it could turn a little bit on the nasty side as we go into the afternoon. so what time can you expect all this crazy weather? well i am going to put future trend into motion and it shows around 2:00 from the west. we could be seeing more showers in the forecast. but then it gets on stormy side het heading into 4 and 5. the commute home will be rough so take it easy on the roadways. we see the heavier rainfall again those thunderstorms still out there by 10 this evening. so you might want to cancel plans and just wait until this gets out of here. by tomorrow, i think it should be pushing out. so by the afternoon, all plans look a go. plenty of sunshine and then by sunday, it rolls in. maybe a few clouds, a slight chance for a shower i will keep in going into sunday evening. but your hour by hour forecast for today, 82 degrees is what i am going with. thunderstorms in the forecast. that's not even a possibility. it's going to happen for today.
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here's the beach forecast. 79 through the afternoon. the thunderstorms not the best beach day. and then as we head into saturday and sunday, that's when we are looking at a better day at the beach on sunday. let's head over to megan. >> thanks so much. an 8th grader from san diego called it a miracle. she properly spelled the word guetabens which means ambush snare or trap. a look at her win in the spelling bee here's kristin. >> wermerei? >> reporter: and snigdha nandipati. >> g-u-e. >> reporter: she said she knew the word and 6 hours of daley studying and more on the weekends paid off. [ applause ] >> very exciting. i've been waiting for this for a long time. >> reporter: how long have you
5:22 am
been waiting? >> since 5th grade. >> reporter: how hard did you work to get here? >> it took a lot of effort. especially the last year. after i think last year i really wanted to bet are my score -- bet are my score and i did -- better my score and i did. >> it's a huge honor to be the steward of the national spelling bee and sort of call attention to the great kids and also call attention to all the words that melt into the american experience. >> reporter: reporting from washington. >> congratulations to herp that's amazing. >> guetapens. justin bieber had another mishap during a concert in paris. >> this happens a lot. >> it does. >> i didn't know this. >> what caused a teen sensation to pass out for 15 seconds and how he is doing this morning. >> residents outside of mexico city alert this morningch the recent volcanic activity that has a lot of -- morning. the recent volcanic activity
5:23 am
that has a lot of people concerned. and let's go over to moscow. it might be early here but 1:20 in the afternoon there. we will be right back. 3q from the wildflower valleys of yellowstone to the serene waters of glacier bay, air wick has partnered with the national park foundation so you can experience the spirit of these national treasures in your home. the national park collection. something in the air wick.
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around the world this morning. teen pop sensation justin bieber suffered a concussion after walk into a wall of glass during a concert. his reps say he is fine but he was disoriented but returned to finish the set and passed out for 15 seconds in the dressing room. apparently this is not the star's first incident. he hit the wall so to speak twice before. >> we need a set redesign. volcano outside mexico city blasted a tower of ash affecting about 25 million people living in a 60 mile radius. about a month ago the eruptions started to grow larger. authorities evacuated some areas but some remained occupied. in palestine they received the remains of 91 people who died carrying out attacks against israel. israeli government returned the remains saying it was humanitarian gesture to restart peace talks between the two. and tomorrow the final verdict coming down and sentencing in the corruption
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and human rights abuse case against hosni mubarak that is expected. he has denied all charges. his sons will learn their verdicts in the related cases. he is faces charges on allegedly abusing 10 young boys due in court. >> why former penn state football coach jerry sandusky is asking for a delay in the criminal proceedings. >> also a. bobcat missed being eaten by inches. how the animal managed to get away from a reptile. images to come. >> and officially it's the first day of hurricane season, but there are no storms over the waters. but there are storms brewing over land. i will have the details coming up. >> reporter: everything is up to speed on the beltway at harford road. i will show you what 95 and 83 look like coming up in my abc2 timesaver traffic report. you are -- you are watching good morning america. >> reporter: top's america's money signs of slower job
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growth. in another report, yesterday, the government reported that 10,000 more workers applied for jobless benefits last week than the week before. and average mortgage rates are at the lowest level ever. 3 3/4 of a% for a 30 year loan and for the first time the 15p year average rate is below 3% at 2.97. more than 2 dozen interstate bus companies are running this morning after a crackdown by safety officials following several fatal crashes. most of the affected buses operate in the northeast. and the american heartassociation will give a pat on the back to the subway sandwich change. the group says more than 40% of the menu meets the health requirements. and pizza hut is challenging subway with its line of sandwiches that are call the pizolo. that's america's money.
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